Monday, June 16, 2008

Sports Photographer?

Looking back over my last month at the Journal Star, I realize that I shot a lot of sports. Prior to these last few months sports shots were more or less non-existent in my portfolio and then all of the sudden I've got a whole month's worth. Can't beat that. So here's some baseball and more high school track photos. The first shot is really more of a feature than a sports photo. It's from the first game of Peoria's new vintage baseball team. The guy on the right is scoring the team's first run ever by hopping onto home plate, which was made out of a pile of white flour. The last shot is from my last assignment at the Journal Star on my last day photographing the Louie Louie parade to ring in the summer in Peoria (I kind of missed my own going away party because I stayed after the parade to get this shot). That baby didn't know what to make of this uber-licky dog.

vintage baseball
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girls hurdles
winning boys track
shot-put silhouette
triple jump
uber-licky dog