Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some More Summer

Nothing says summer like Fourth of July sparklers and fireworks. This summer I also shot a fishing event with lots of children gathering to catch tons of (mostly small) fish.  Of course, sprinkled throughout were the regular selection of local artists, a group of late night turtle watchers, a few different golf tournaments and a mad scientists event at the Vero Beach Book Center.  The last slide here is a composite image I made to illustrate the shortcomings of an attempt to regulate an intersection in town.  This shot is made up of all 15 vehicles that, in a 30-minute period, ignored the new "no left turn" sign and decided to turn left anyway.  I lucked out that one car happened to have a dog sitting up in the front seat.
Fourth of July sparklers

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Years in Vero Beach

This month marks two years since I moved to Vero Beach and began shooting for the Vero Beach 32963 newspaper and it's sister site This slideshow starts out with a photo that turned out to be very expensive. Beach goers are trying to help a beached pygmy sperm whale while I'm behind the lens successfully ruining my camera (with help from an unexpected wave). This set of photos is just a sampling of what I've shot over the last month. The slideshow ends with some photos from Hurricane Irene's offshore passage at the end of August, which made for some great, nasty surf for  a few days. I've got a pretty serious backlog of photos so hopefully I'll post again soon. Beached Whale