Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Some more impromptu portraits

Two posts in one day? Why not? If I don't put these up now they'll probably never resurface. Next time I might give the grandparents a chance to smile before I snap the picture...maybe. I'm still loving this 50mm.




The Intergalactic Gentleman who lives on my front porch

The grandparents in some dramatic elevator lighting (not a portrait, but where else should I put it?)

high school graduation

I went up to the Chicago burbs this weekend for my little sister's high school graduation. While there I got to see my family and I took a few pictures. Here's a couple from the graduation (both pre, during and post).

Here name is Eileen. Her friends call her "Tilt." How witty.

Grandpa's hands holding the graduation program.

Lots of graduates.

But I managed to spot her anyway. (She's the silhouette)