Thursday, July 22, 2010

Football, Horses, Crabs, CT Scans, Bike Rides and an Artist

Things are slow in Vero this time of year but I'm still keeping busy. This medley of images starts with a couple of shots from St. Edward's School's summer football practice. Up next is a little photo package of equestrian Chandler MacWilliam and her horse, Chip. There was only room for one shot in the paper so the random out-of-focus, oddly composed horse, detail shots didn't have a place to run. I went feature hunting in Sebastian a little while back and came across Jeff Skok and his chocolate lab, Bosco, checking their crab traps in the Indian River Lagoon. Last issue's health story dealt with radiation and CT scans so I managed to get access to doctors actually scanning patients and reviewing scans. For a different, profile-style story, I tagged along with Dr. Stephen Tate as he and his family went for their regular evening outting. And lastly, for the Arts section front (think of it like a magazine cover...maybe I'll do a post soon with some pdfs to better illustrate what I mean) I photographed artist Patty Vaughn working on watercolor paintings in her home.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas and the New Year in Spain

This year for Christmas I got to make a trip to Spain to visit my little sister (who was finishing up a semester abroad) and celebrate the year's end with my family. We drank wine, ate tapas, experienced Gaudi, and my sister and I celebrated the New Year in Puerta del Sol with a fireworks display amongst new friends. It was a blast. During the trip I grabbed a shot here and there but my camera also snapped about a hundred photos of my feet all on its own. Apparently, the way I wore the camera under my coat (to protect it from the rain, etc.) caused it to take a photo with every other step of my right foot. I decided to play around with it and make this little audio slideshow of my journey through Barcelona and Madrid.

The Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família