Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Week

The other week I shot 18 assignments in 3 days for the paper here. It was a very hectic schedule that didn't allow for spending the kind of time that I generally like to have with each situation but there wasn't really an option. In rushing from place to place I made a bunch of portraits for Valentines Day, covered some society events, shot the food page, visited the annual Garden Fest, shot the artist profile, photographed an Elvis impersonator, and managed to score a good vantage point for the last scheduled nighttime space shuttle launch. Here's a sampling of what came out of all that running around.

Elvis Tribute Chris MacDonald

Artist Janel Lundin

Beachland Elementary Chess Club

Ti Amo Sempre V Day

Ocean Grille V Day

Yannick and Valerie Martin V Day

VBMA Tango and Tapas


Food MT's Chophouse

George Tabor Wines

Garden Fest

Vero Kickers

Night Shuttle Launch