Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Bonfire on a Farm

Over Memorial Day weekend I took a trip with some friends up to the Pennsylvania border to hangout by a bonfire and camp for a night. Lots of fun. My fellow phojou, Matt Roth, was doing the heavy documenting on the trip, but I grabbed a few photos along the way, too. The farm was full of barley and old Volvos. Neat place. The last shot is a view of the tree across from the front door of my apartment when it was in full bloom back at the beginning of the spring. At this small size you miss out on some of the fun little things in the photo, but I think the image looks pretty nice as the background on the 27-inch monitor I've got at work. Oh, I forgot to mention that I started a new staff job at the Catholic Review a couple of months ago, which is keeping me busy and shooting. Just wanted to put a quick edit of something up onto the internet. Ladybug on barley

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Milla said...

I really like this last one. How awesome that this is real.